Network Security - Registration for non-UT students

Kerckhoffs-students from Eindhoven and Nijmegen should wait till they receive an ICT account from the UT. Such waiting could possibly take several weeks: the UT has to receive first a list from the administrations in Eindhoven and Nijmegen with all student names. After that the UT will inform students about their UT ICT account.

After Kerckhoffs-students from Eindhoven and Nijmegen have received their UT ICT account, they have to register via the OSIRIS system. For details on how to do this, see the dutch or english manual. Note that "normal" registration for block 1A will be open till september 14, 2014. If students are unable to register before that day, OSIRIS registration will be coordinated via CES/BOZ-EWI

In case of questions or registration problems, students are advised to directly contact CES/BOZ-EWI.

Also students from other institutes who plan to join the exam should contact CES/BOZ-EWI.